A Complete Solution for all your horticultural and maintenance needs

We provide cost-effective residential and commercial horticultural solutions big or small.



It is extremely important to have reliable garden maintenance systems in place. The Milnex group can handle all your maintenance and garden requirements, our teams have been deployed on many large scale projects.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our repairs & maintenance team will look after all your general residential, business and needs.

Horticultural Services

We offer exclusive horticultural services to large municipalities including City of Tshwane and surrounding areas. Our skilled team of specialists are available to meet all your horticultural services needs.


Solutions for Corporates

Garden Maintenance

Our skilled garden maintenance team is always available to assist in all your garden needs.

Grass Cutting

We`ve been doing corporate grass cutting maintenance of overgrown grass alongside highways and major roads in and around Gauteng, North West and Limpopo since 2006.


Solutions for Municipalities


Solutions for Residential


Solutions for Estates

Outdoor Beautification

We'll transform any landscape from the design, supply of outdoor furniture items and sculptures, construction, to the implementation and installation.

Introduction to the Milnex Group

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